Friday, 11 April 2008

To verge - a grammar

Below we decline the verb 'to verge' as it is understood and practised in the cathedral, and provide a translation for the perplexed:

I verge = I wear a frock and carry a big stick
You (sing.) verge= Sometimes I let other people carry lesser sticks.
He/she/it verges= These days, the quality of vergers ain't what it used to be
We verge = But it's competitive, not collaborative.
You (pl.) verge = On big occasions, vergers hunt in packs
They verge - on the ridiculous.


Richard said...
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Richard said...

"Verge" (Noun)

A verge = a silly, pointed stick, designed to give a verger something to do with his hands during services; presumably had a more practical purpose, once.
The verge = as in, "where's the blasted verge?"
The verges = An awkward term, usually requiring clarification when used verbally.